10 Interesting Facts About Orange Cat Breeds

From Milo to Garfield, orange cats have delighted pet owners for decades. But what about those jam-colored beauties we find so alluring?

Perhaps it’s because her tan translates into an equally bright personality. Or because they unknowingly project happy, optimistic images into our minds, things like orange sorbet, pumpkins, and monarch butterflies.

I personally have a soft spot for these cute redheads. Give me an orange kitten to cuddle and I couldn’t be happier. So I was more than happy to compile the most interesting facts I could find about orange cat breeds. Here is the overview of these battle cats.

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1. If it’s orange, it’s brindle

Although we would like to place them in a separate category, orange cats are not considered a separate breed. Instead, orange coat is just a variety of coats found in multiple breeds, with shades ranging from creamy pastels to sun-kissed tangerine.

2. However, some cat breeds have more instances of orange fur.

Certain cat breeds produce more of an orange cat. Some breeds lucky enough to sport an orange coat include the American Bobtail, Exotic Shorthair, Devon Rex, and Scottish Fold.

3. Everyone looks great in stripes

Interestingly, you will never find an orange cat with a solid color coat. All orange cats have a striped pattern with four different types: mackerel (tabby stripes), ticked (hair with alternating light and dark stripes), spotted, and classic (swirl).

4. They have something in common with red-headed people.

Your miniature tiger may share more with your favorite ginger friend than you thought. The pigment responsible for the orange color in cats is called pheomelanin, which also causes red hair in humans. This pigment, which manifests itself in different shades from red to cream, is what makes your cat’s coat stand out.

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5. Men outnumber women

If you’re looking to adopt an orange cat, you’ll probably have an easier time finding a tomcat. Males make up 80% of ginger cats. It’s all a matter of genetics.

Here’s a quick high school biology refresher: In the world of DNA, females have two X chromosomes and males have one XY chromosome. This becomes important when looking at where the “ginger gene” is produced. As Science Focus explains, the gene responsible for your cat’s orange color is on the X chromosome. Since they have two X chromosomes, female cats need the orange hair gene to occur twice. In males, one gene is enough to create a beautiful orange cat.

6. The orange cats are Chatty Cathys.

Gary Weitzman, senior veterinarian for the San Diego Humane Society, told National Geographic that a cat’s personality is actually tied to the color of their coat. Guess which coat won Weitzman’s vote for “most social”? Our brave and outgoing orange tabbies, of course!

7. You were loved by a famous historical figure

That’s right. Winston Churchill himself was a big fan of Marmalade Cats. The former British Prime Minister had a special fondness for his red-haired cat, Jock. After Churchill’s death in 1965, his historic home was given to the nation on the condition that a red cat named Jock still resided there. That’s what you call a true cat lover.

8. They are marked with an “M”.

Orange kittens have a prominent “M” on their foreheads, a trait shared by all tabby cats. Various legends surround the mysterious M. Some claim it represents the Virgin Mary, while others say the M represents Mohammed, the founder of Islam. Believe what you will, we think it’s a delightful differentiator.

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9. Orange cats are Hollywood favourites

Part of our affinity for orange cats could be attributed to our culture’s constant use in film and television. The ubiquitous cheeky orange cat has become an integral part of our pop culture consciousness. We have the unimpressed Garfield, Puss in Boots, the innocently curious Milo, legendary advertising icon Morris and the iconic Heathcliff. Somehow their orange fur suits them perfectly.

10. They lend themselves to super cute nicknames.

Whether you have a fluffy yellow kitten or a fiery ginger cat, an orange coat serves as inspirational naming material. Some ideas to get you started: Sgt Pepper, Cheeto, Big Red, Annie, Carrot, Clementine, Ron (or Ginny or Weasley…), Marigold and Prince Harry to name a few. Once you get those creative juices flowing, you’re sure to find a name for your orange kitten that’s as adorable as she is!

We have to admit that there is something special about orange cats that is difficult to identify. We love them for their unique wit, playful bite and charming antics. The beautiful color of his fur doesn’t hurt either.

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these remarkable felines, don’t forget to give her (or him, more likely) an extra hug today to remind her how special she is. .

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