10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Bombay Cats

Bombays are the ultimate black cat. Its glossy coat is paired with a pair of gold saucer eyes, earning the breed its nickname “the patent leather kid with the new penny eyes.”

In addition to its exotic looks, the Bombay is an endearing, playful, and pleasant cat.

What else can you learn about this relatively new breed?

1. Bombay cats have a “wild” side.


Like the Savannah cat or the Bengal cat, the Bombay cat was bred with the intention of producing a fierce-looking domestic cat.

American breeders crossed the Burmese Sable with black American Shorthair cats to achieve the exotic Bombay Panther appearance. Their fierce appearance and striking appearance have earned them the nicknames “Mini-Panther” and “Stubepanther”.

2. You are not from Mumbai


The origins of this breed are credited to American breeder Nikki Horner, who wanted to develop a domestic breed that resembled a black leopard.

Mrs. Horner started this project in the 1950’s and the first successful hybrid kitten was born in 1965. Horner named the breed “Bombay” because they resembled the black leopards of this exotic port city in India.

Bombays are recognized as an official breed by the Cat Fanciers Association and the International Cat Association.

3. Bombay cats are all black


Bombay cats are easily identified by their light, glossy black fur. But did you know that even their noses and paw pads are black? This trait is not common in other black cats, just another trait that makes this breed stand out from the crowd.

These medium-sized cats have a dense, muscular build. Their compact bodies would be heavier than they appear.

4. Bombay cats love the heat

These graceful kittens are habitual heat-seekers. It’s not uncommon for a Bombay to rest peacefully near a heat source. They love to curl up on a sunny windowsill for warmth, or better yet, on their human!

5. Minimal preparation required

This news will be a pleasant surprise for anyone looking for an easy care cat. The Bombay’s short, unfussy coat doesn’t require much attention other than a weekly brushing.

This breed also sheds less hair than the average cat. That suits me!

6. Bombays are social butterflies

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Aptly nicknamed “Velcro Cats,” Bombays tend to cling tightly to their beloved owners. They will crave their owner’s attention and have been known to follow their favorite human from room to room.

They are especially good with strangers. You won’t find those cats hiding under the bed when the company arrives. You and everyone else are likely to be greeted with a warm welcome at the front door.

These highly social cats hate being left alone for long periods of time and are prone to loneliness and depression if left alone for too long. Unfortunately, this can lead to destructive behavior. If you work all day, give your cat lots of toys and a scratching post.

7. You have a bossy side

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Make no mistake, Bombays like to be in charge. Although these friendly felines generally get along with other cats and dogs, a Bombay cat prefers to dominate the roosting space.

8. Bombay cats are very intelligent.

These playful and interactive cats are highly intelligent. They can be successfully trained to perform tricks and play fetch games. Some of them can even learn to walk on a leash outside!

9. Bombay cats like to dig.

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In blankets, that is. It’s not uncommon to find a Bombay curled up in a pile of dirty laundry or under the covers. It’s the perfect arrangement for pet owners who love to cuddle with their pets before bed. Be careful when you go to bed, there might be a cat hiding under your covers.

10. American Bombays differ from British Bombays

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American and British breeders have taken different approaches when breeding their mini panthers. American Bombays were bred by crossing a Burmese sable with a black American Shorthair, while British breeders mated Burmese cats with domestic black cats.

The two breeds are similar, but the main difference lies in their eyes. American Bombays have gold or copper eyes, while British Bombays’ eyes are usually green.

Bombays have a winning combination of beauty and good manners. One thing we know for sure is that a black cat won’t curse you with bad luck if it crosses your path.

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