10 Easy Telling Time Games and Activities for Kids

The concept of time can be difficult for children, but this one Easy to understand games and activities should be a little easier! All of these activities are easy to set up and free since you probably already have everything you need at home!


1. Roll a dice and tell the time! There are so many fun ways to play this game – this time print out the printable game and let the learning fun begin! Simple and fun

2. Another fun way to do this is by using modeling clay! Be sure to grab these clock playmats! This reading mom

3. When the weather is nice, you can teach outside and build this hula hoop clock. learn alongside the stream

4. If your kid loves making paper plates, try these paper clocks! mom in the institution

5. It’s not just about seconds, minutes and hours, the concept of time goes much further, this way of saying transient activity will help to understand the concept of time on a larger scale! Carrots are orange

6. Fancy a more modern approach? Check out this list of apps to tell the time! iGamemom

7. This easy to set up activity is a fun idea too! what do we do all day

8. Here’s another fun outdoor activity! coffee cups and pens

9. You and your kids can also do crafts and make wristwatches out of paper tubes – learning through crafts and games is always great! red ted art

10. How about a set of binders that show the time? Mr Printables


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