10 Alphabet Learning Games for Kids

What better way to learn the letters than to play! It makes a lot of fun Alphabet learning games and these are just a few of my favorites as they are all guaranteed to be great fun!


1. This “spelling and counting game” can be played in many ways: alone, in a team, against each other and can be used as a letter recognition game or as a spelling game. Kids must roll the dice, match the letters and start over until they finish the word (can be played with magnetic tiles or a foam alphabet).

2. Squirt the Letter: Kids will love it! (hands while we grow)

3. This letter matching game will help kids learn uppercase and lowercase letters! (tot schooling)

4. Also try this superhero letter matching game. (mother inspired by B)

5. This active alphabet learning game also gets them moving (coffee cups and pens).

6. Do you know a kid who doesn’t want to go into a maze? I don’t know why I think this alphabet maze game idea (Hands on As We Grow) is more than brilliant.

7. Did you know that cards can sometimes escape? This fun escape letter game will entertain and learn your kids for a while, great fun! (pound-for-pound growth).

8. Monsters (or other creatures of course) can be of great help when it comes to learning the alphabet. Try this to start the alphabet game. (I can teach my son).

9. Fancy a game of dominoes? This can also be a great educational game! (inspiration labs)

10. You can also use paper cups to learn – this fun game will keep them busy! (Plato plasticine)


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